In the previous post, I told you that it doesn’t matter “why” he hadn’t contacted you for a week after a great date because you wouldn’t know why he didn’t, ever.

The important thing here is that you need to ask yourself if this is worth your time and energy to overthinking and overanalyzing his behavior.

Think like this is an Emotional ROI.


After 3 or so months of silence, he would send you a text saying, “Hey, beautiful! How are you?”. (How dare he!)

Your reaction might be like this;

“You have some nerve to contact me like nothing happened! You don’t know what you’ve put me though! I’m gonna let him have it!”


“Oh! He must have realized that he made a mistake. What should I text?”

On either situation, HOLD ON.


Let me tell you why he texted you.

He texted you not because he missed you and wanted to see you again.

He texted you because he was feeling lonely.

Do you see the difference?

This is what would happen if you texted him back:

He got your response. He got a pull on the bait.

Now, he knows how and when to reel you in.

Let me tell you, ladies. He does the same thing again later. Catch and release.

I’m sorry about the fishing analogy, but it just came to me.


Maybe he is a bad guy. Maybe he has insecurity issue. Who knows?

The point here is that he is not that invested in this.


I hear people say, “But you don’t know what’s going to happen in the future.”

They want to believe that the situation might change if you hang onto this long enough.

Bad news is it won’t.

You need to let this go now, or you’re going to waste another 3 months.

Your brain already know the answer, but your heart wants to hang on.

Your brain already know which choice is better for you, right?

Then, how can you let it go? Or at least, what can you do to make it a little easier to let it go?

Stay tuned.

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