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I’m smart, warm, funny, and caring. However, relationships haven’t always come easily to me. Much of reason stemmed from my childhood. I was raised in a culture where showing emotion was not encouraged. I learned to keep my feelings to myself and not trust them to others. As an adult, I found it was extremely difficult to be open and vulnerable, a significant barrier to creating a deep and meaningful connection.  So, here I was, successful and confident in my corporate IT job, but failing at love. I just had no idea how to find and keep my ideal partner. But that didn’t keep me from trying … and trying.

It wasn’t until I went through an especially difficult break-up that I finally had enough. There must be a better way.  My life and 14 years in IT had taught me to look at and solve problems systematically. What did it take to build that lasting and fulfilling relationship? Once I took the time to really look at my patterns and expectations, I found the answers were right in front of me. I developed a truly simple (but not easy!) five-step system that worked. In fact, following my system led me to my own life partner. If I hadn’t been doing the work I needed to and looking in the right place, I wouldn’t have found him or realized how right he was for me. That was five years ago. Today, we’re happily married and living in New York City.

As I’ve worked on my own life and talked with women like me, I’ve discovered that, sadly, many are struggling with the same negative patterns I was – never seeming to meet the right person or working too hard to be with the wrong partner only to have it all fall apart. I believe women need to start with a realistic understanding of what they should be looking for in a partner.  After all, this is about happily living the rest of her life, not a one-time fantasy. I left my corporate job so I could dedicate myself to coaching other women like me – women who confidently navigate careers but stumble when it comes to relationships. I help my clients identify and overcome their relationship obstacles, define their ideal partner, and give them the tools and roadmap they can follow. Only then can they finally find and keep the partner they can connect with on that deep, intimate level.

checkpoints to find your partner

A certified relationship coach, I’ve developed a simple five-step system that works.  It has helped many women like you learn what they really want, identify obstacles that stand in their way, and create a plan they can follow – one of small, meaningful steps to finding deep and abiding love with the right partner. Contact me today for a complimentary consultation.

checkpoints to find your partner


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