When I was still single and didn’t have anyone to spend Valentine’s Day with, I decided to go to a card store to buy a Valentine’s Day card for my future husband.
That was an experiment. I wanted to see how I would feel.

It was February 14th a few years ago. I was at a card store in Midtown Manhattan.
Among men who were buying cards for their wives or girlfriends, there was a girl who was talking on the phone.

I couldn’t help but overhearing what she was talking about.
Obviously, she wanted to spend the evening with this guy on the other side of the phone.
She was fishing for the answer from him.

Let me tell you, ladies. It wasn’t pretty. Come on. If you weren’t asked out for a date for Valentine’s Day yet on Valentine’s Day, you need to keep yourself busy at home.


Make this be the last Valentine’s Day that you will ever spend alone!
Wear your big-girl pants and do not pick up the phone to call that guy who didn’t ask you out!

Order in, and open a bottle of your favorite wine.
Keep your composure and act like a grown-up woman that you are!

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