I was at a coffee shop in my neighborhood yesterday. The music was not my taste, so I played music on my iPhone.

Do you have songs that bring up memories and feelings from the past or match your mood at that moment?

For some reason, I wanted to listen to a sappy love song.

It was very sad and cheesy, but that fit my mood yesterday, you know? 

I speak both in Japanese and English. You might be bilingual, too.

Do you have some songs hit you harder because the lyrics are in your native language?

It was like that with me yesterday.


That got me thinking.


When you say your affirmations or writing out your future vision or dreams, do you get excited or feel the joy that they say you’re supposed to feel?

If not, maybe you need to use different language; the language that makes you feel to the core.

If you’re copying the affirmation out of a book, it sounds good, but it’s not YOUR language. 

The meaning is the same, but it’s not your words.

Try writing or saying by using different words, and see how you feel.


It’s the same when you write your future vision. Is it written like literature, or does it sound like you? If what you write doesn’t bring any emotions, try rewriting it with different words like you are speaking, and actually read it out loud! 

The goal here is to bring out emotions. I want you to feel excited about what you desire to come to your way. Writing it is just the first step to making your vision reality. Feeling it is the next and the important step to complete the process.

When you read it, does it make you cry? Does it make you burst into laughter because you’re so happy?

Here is a free exercise that you can do to create your vision. Click HERE to download your free gift.

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