You had a great date last week. He was romantic and affectionate. He talked about taking a weekend trip together to his beach house. He talked about wanting his own family… He sounds like a dream come true!

It’s been a week since your date. No text, no phone calls, no emails.

What would I do? I would wonder what happened!

“Did I do anything wrong?”

“I thought we had a connection!”

“Maybe he is busy at work.”

“It’s possible he is on a business trip.”

I would keep wondering and justifying why he hadn’t contacted me for a week.

When I think back, though, whatever the reason, he lost his interest.

At this point, that kind of behavior triggers a story in our head; we are not worthy, we are not attractive enough, we are not skinny enough, we are not interesting enough, etc.

We are translating what happened. The only fact is that he hasn’t contacted you. We don’t know why. We don’t know his story, and we are not going to know why ever,

Here is the thing about translating the fact. It takes so much energy that we don’t need to spend.

Is it worth your time and energy to keep wondering about the guy who hasn’t contacted you and keeps you hanging?

Let me tell you, ladies. A good man, the right man for you wouldn’t do that.

He would have called you, sent you texts and kept the contact with you.

Let me predict what happens next. He would appear all of a sudden after 3 or 4 months later as if nothing happened.

“Hey, beautiful. How are you?”

What should you think or do then?

I’ll share that in the next blog. Stay tuned!

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