Through my work, I get to talk to many new people, and most of them are amazing and inspiring women. I love the opportunities to get to ask them about their interesting stories on how they started their business or how much they love what we do. We have lively conversations.
However, when it comes to dating or their love life, they are hesitant.
Their bright smiles are dimmed. Their energy shrinks.

I understand when they say they want to take a break or they are thinking about quitting. Every time they gather their energy and courage and go out with someone, the date turns out to be another disappointment. It’s tough.

It’s sometimes hard to hear how awful their dating experience has been because I understand where they come from.
But, at the same time, I know that it’s possible for them to have a great relationship, and all they need is a small shift in looking at dating from a different angle.

Dating and Dating with Intention

There is a difference between “dating” and “dating with intention”.

Yes, you need to be out there, and date to find love.
However, if you’re repeating one-off dates, it’s like you’re wandering around aimlessly. You’re doing something, but there is no meaning or thoughts behind the action.
You’re busy doing something, but it’s not getting any results, but you’re exhausted and stressed out, but you won’t get anywhere.

Dating needs to be a part of a big plan. A big plan that you ultimately want at the end of your dating experience.

Let’s imagine your life 5 years from today.
How old will you be?
What kind of life do you want to be living?
And, with whom?

Can you picture it? That’s the picture you want to hold in your mind when you date.
When you do, you give dating meaning.
Dating with intention means that there are meanings and thoughts behind the action.

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