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Dating is not what you think it is

Through my work, I get to talk to many new people, and most of them are amazing and inspiring women. I love the opportunities to get to ask them about their interesting stories on how they started their business or how much they love what we do. We have lively...

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Language and Emotions

I was at a coffee shop in my neighborhood yesterday. The music was not my taste, so I played music on my iPhone. Do you have songs that bring up memories and feelings from the past or match your mood at that moment? For some reason, I wanted to listen to a sappy love...

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Step in to a room…

Imagine a room filled with 100 men. What would your process be to find a man or men who you would consider going out with? Option 1: Talk to every man in the room to get to know one by one before you decide there is a match or not. Option 2: You pick men by your...

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Dating VS. Dating with Purpose

Let me ask you this. Why do you want to be in a relationship? If you haven’t thought about it, I would like you to take a minute and think about it.   Let’s think about your future when you are in a relationship. Let’s say, 5 years from today. I want you to use your...

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Put down your phone before you regret

In the previous post, I told you that it doesn’t matter “why” he hadn’t contacted you for a week after a great date because you wouldn’t know why he didn’t, ever. The important thing here is that you need to ask yourself if this is worth your time and energy to...

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It doesn’t matter “why”

You had a great date last week. He was romantic and affectionate. He talked about taking a weekend trip together to his beach house. He talked about wanting his own family... He sounds like a dream come true! It's been a week since your date. No text, no phone calls,...

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